Sponsorship Package for Orthopaedic Academy

We are a leading and fast-growing educational platform in the UK dedicated to Orthopaedic professionals internationally

Awards won

  • Best webinar series from the British Orthopaedic Trainee Association BOTA
  • One of the best Orthopaedic Books of all times (Concise Orthopaedic Notes)

We are proud to partner with prominent partners to promote Orthopaedic education worldwide!
We have thousands of genuine followers worldwide and our events have proved to be very popular:

  • Newsletter subscribers: 9000
  • YouTube: 11 000 subscribers and half a million views
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: more than 8000 followers
  • Telegram group: 2000 members
  • Website clicks: 200 000 /month
  • Medshar: 1200 followers in only 3 months (our newest and perhaps most promising adventure!)

Benefits included in your sponsorship package:

  • Actively engage with the orthopaedic community and increase awareness of your brands
  • Logo, company profile and contact details (including social media) shared on the webpage, with direct link to your website
  • Logo added to all course related correspondence. Including course: poster, certificates and educational material shared with delegates
  • Inclusion in all course related social medial, emails, newsletters and YouTube adverts
  • Promotional video (provided by the sponsor & executed by us) played during break periods in our courses
  • Granting the sponsor a certificate of thanks and appreciation certified by the Academy, demonstrating your company’s commitment to education